Name of shopping area Location Regular hours Remarks
Nonhyun Furniture Street
Line 7, Hakdong st. 9:00 am to
8:30 pm
closed: first and third Sunday
All different kinds of furniture such as
brand-new Korean furniture and
imported furniture from Europe
Quality gurantee system and customer's service over 30 year old furniture street
filled with luxurious 70 stores at high
pirce range.
Sadang Furniture Street Line 5, Sadang st. 9:00 am to
8:30 pm
Almost any furniture
Good place to purchase second hand
Cheap price range compared to Nonhyun Furniture Street
A-hyun Furniture Street Line 2, Ahyun st. 9:00 am to
8:30 pm
The cheapest market in Seoul
Good place for those living in Shinchon , western Seoul
Specialized in customised furniture broader ranging? in price? and item
Ilsan Furniture Street
Kyoung Pungsan St. 9:00 am to
8:00 pm
Another excellent place to buy furnitures since price range is low but the quality is outstanding.